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My names is Arnaldo Andujar, but, you can call me Arnald. Born in 1994 on Dominican Republic, currently living in New York City, I am a CG Generalist student currently enrolled in the School of Visual Arts in the Computer Art Department. my objective as an artist is not to seeking and hiding behind someone shadow, but, to strive and create a new culture in the 3D industry. A culture that honors and admires those who never stop searching and expanding, a culture that seeks for personal creative achievement over general goals.

As a 3D artists, with the insight knowledge I have obtained over the years using various programs such as Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and many more I will strive to bring comprehensive and passionate projects to life. My inspiration comes from searching for new ways of expression, delving into media and culture from video game design, illustrations, nature and several types of art media. Artists such as David Domingo Jiménez, Jake Wyatt, and Sam Bosma are just some of many artistic talented minds I appreciate with a passion. All of these factors guided me to my current artistic output while still exploring new ways in order to express my art. With a enthusiasm outlook on the world craving for the mysteries that it holds, I will always be determine to seek for knowledge

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